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Wooo! Carnival

Gees, it's been a while since my last update huh? Time for another one methinks.

Today's the day of the Aldeburgh Carnival ^-^ and so far it's been drizzling consistantly!
Hasn't downed our enthusiasm though!
Me and Scinfaxi have already been down to watch the procession with Keab42 and his sister SnifF. This year they decided to axe the Carnival Queen and have King Neptune instead... All I can say is, he looked cold :S

It was supposed to be a nautical theme for the floats this year... I'd like to know just where the Flower float and the float pulled by a rocking horse came into it!
A lot of the ones that were following the theme were Pirates of the Carribean ones! Scinfaxi stated it would've been better if Johnny Depp had been there!

After the parade, we headed over to the stalls. Saw some nice stuff, particularly on the jewellery stalls. I bought a couple of Carnival Lanterns for later, with two free packets of glow sticks!

Together, me and SnifF managed to get Scinfaxi and Keab42 onto a rollercoster simulator! They were running the "Haunted mine" sim. It was cool, but it was no Astro Canyon! Oh well, maybe next time.

We've now come back home for dinner, but we'll be out later for the fair and fireworks ^-^ In my opinion, Funfairs are always best visited in the dark!

And now onto the non Carnival stuff!

I got that copy of Full Metal Crash through the post the other day! It's not a bad game, but smacks too much of a Soul Caliber game except with Zoids for my liking.
I do like the fact that you loose your armour in this game, plus I have fallen in love with the main character (who's name I've temporarily forgotten), but other than that I'm afraid that FMC has failed to knock Zoids vs III off my top spot!

Drawing wise (despite a short break to whip up a picture for my friend's Birthday... which I totally forgot about, sorry RF -_-) I'm keeping my attention solely on my revamped Shadow Liger pic. I'm done with the inked lineart now, and it's been scanned and is currently in the process of being traced in Adobe. I ended up having to tape 3 pieces of A4 paper together ^^; Bloody tail!

I've now officially switched doctors! I had to have my "New Patient" checkup with the Nurse the other day, during which she told me that I need to lose weight... tell me something I don't know ^^;

Anyway, I'm going to sign off now. Going down to the fair soon :D I'll try and update again when I get back!



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