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Shiar updates... shock, horror!

Before I begin with this journal entry, I must stress that I DO NOT WISH TO HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT THE LATEST HARRY POTTER BOOK!

I got my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the day it came out, but I'm only currently at chapter 15 because, much as I've been anticipating reading it, the only time I can actually concentrate for long enough on it lately is when I'm on the bus to and from work!

Having said that though, me and Scinfaxi were able to work out the plot, just by looking at the cover of the Children's edition...

In a shock revelation, Voldemort announces that he is, in fact, a Goa'uld System Lord. He also announces that he has not been using the Imperius Curse to control people, but instead he's been using his Jaffa Death Eaters to implant Symbiotes into people!
Harry, Ron and Hermione must travel to Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado, to seek out help in defeating System Lord Voldemort!

Don't believe me? Check out the book cover! That's quite clearly a Stargate in the background...

Ok, ok, I kid! Just in case any incredibly stupid people out there actually thought I was serious, this is not really the plotline (Though I would be incredibly surprised if a fanfiction of this nature hadn't already been posted on fanfiction.net!)

Anyway, moving on! I've booked some time off from work starting from the 31st of August, to the 7th of September and, if Scinfaxi can get the same time off of work and check with his father that the Caravan will be available for that week, we'll hopefully be going down to the Clacton Sci-fi convention.
I do like to try to go every year, mainly because the first time I went there was a guy there selling shit-loads of Japanese Imported Zoids :D I got my Dimetrodon, Helcat and Styluarmor from him. They were my first imported Zoids (My first Credit Card actually came through whilst I was at the convention :S)
The guy wasn't there the next year, and last year we couldn't go because we had issues trying to get the time off.

If and when it's confirmed that we can go, I shall be putting a note up on my deviantART Shoutboard (which can be viewed by clicking here), like I did with my last holiday :D

One other thing I'm really looking forward to this year, is the Aldeburgh carnival! It's something else that we usually go to every year. The carnival actually lasts for 3 days (Sat, Sun and Mon) but it's my weekend to work which means I'll be over my parents til the Sunday afternoon. It doesn't matter too much though, since all the good stuff happens on the Monday, and I've booked both the Monday and the Tuesday off (Tuesday will be recovery day ^^;)

Finally... HLJ have sent me my payment request form for the Kotobukiya Empire Command Wolf LC! I've sent my payment and hopefully should be getting a shipping notice anyday now! As with the last one, I'll try to do a review for it once it's come through and been built :D



Hmmm, it's been a while since I posted here huh?

Well, what's happened since I last ranted about that PS program...

Oh yeah, I got CS2 in the end ^-^ Keab42 was able to unlock my trial copy so there's been artwork galore since!

I decided to purchase a subscription with deviantART, which means that now, among other things, I can post pictures in my dA journal.
I created a header picture for my dA journal, which can be viewed from my dA userpage, here

I've decided to drop the Zoids stuff section in my LJ sidebar, since the only Zoids that I will be getting now are Kotobukiya.
This section will be replaced with a current Artwork/fanfic project section.

Speaking of fanfics, I want to apologise to Riverfox 237 as chapter 9 of Dragons Don't Exist will take a little longer than planned. It's because about a third of the chapter needs to be rewritten. I realised I was going in completely the wrong direction with it and hit a buffer of boring confusedness ^^;

Right, that's it for now I think, gotta do the current project section then make my lunch for tomorrow and go to bed!



Rant commencing in 3... 2... 1...

*Shiar would like to apologize in advance for any bad language used in the following entry*

It all started yesterday, when my trial copy of Adobe Photoshop CS2 ran out.
I tried looking for the full copy on eBay, but with the prices going from about £130 to £500, they are quite a bit out of my price range.
Well, I had been informed that my neighbour had got a copy of CS2 (before I got my 30 day trial one mind) so Electricfox5's mum asked him if I could borrow it for 30 minutes just so I could install it on my computer (It's not like you need the disk once it's installed so he would've had it back after that and also we've done a lot for him when he's asked for favours!)

He more or less outright said no, then proceeded to make up some story about he didn't think it would would on my machine...

3 issues with with that:

1) He's never seen my machine so how can he judge?

2) He dosen't know the first thing about computers! If he did he wouldn't keep asking Electricfox5 to help him do SIMPLE IT tasks!

3) If CS2 won't work on my machine (which, I'm pretty sure was manufactured either after or around the same time as CS2) then WTF have I been running these past 30 days??

What hurts the most is that he hasn't even INSTALLED the program on his OWN computer yet and also he got the program for FREE!!!

Apparently he was told not to use it until he's got to grips with Photoshop Elements... Of course apparently I'm more than welcome to use that, but if I'd've wanted to use Elements I'd've bought it (That IS in my price range!)

All in all a right stingy Bastard!

So, you can thank that git, for me not being able to do anymore photoshopped work for a while, and if he ever needs anymore help with his computer, he can bloody well phone an IT Technician!

Dang and I so wanted to finish that Roxas pic T_T

So, all in all I've had a really bad day today... I won't go into details, but let me just say that work has been REALLY shit!

I bought a choccy bar from the Belgian chocolate shop at lunch so that cheered me up a bit, and I managed to get one last piece of art done before my trial ended!



New Kotobukiya Zoids

Shiar want... Shiar want very much!



Anybody miss me?

Well, I was offline longer than I thought I was going to be oweing to the fact that I'd forgotten that I was going over my parents for the weekend and they don't have an internet connection... or even a computer for that matter!

Regardless, I am back on line now and even have some new artwork to show for it: Piccy Clicky

Also I completed Kingdom Hearts 2 ^-^ That final boss was seemingly endless, but it was worth it to watch the ending.

I had great fun making up new games along the way... Tent hurdles in Land of the Dragons... Hedge jumping in Disney Castle... Not to mention the game where you get your teammates squashed under the tombstones in Halloween Town ^-^ that one was particularly fun! Also there's the "how quickly can you be defeated by Sephiroth" game... I lasted 3 seconds ^^;

I've started playing the first Kingdom Hearts again now and man is it awkward. I keep expecting to see reaction commands all over the place and it doesn't help that I'm still pining for Roxas, Axel and Demyx ^^;

Also on the subject of Kingdom Hearts, I've got a theory. Sora wasn't born on Destiny Islands. He was, in fact, born on Earth and had a little blue hedgehog friend named Sonic....

Yes, that's right... Sora used to be Christopher Thorndyke from Sonic X ^-^


See? Undeniable proof that Sora was hanging around with strange looking creatures before he ever became the Keybearer!

And here he is, fighting his first Heartless:

(Rofl, I kill me!)


*Important Message*

To all of you who regularly read here, I'm just letting you know that I'm going offline for a while.

It won't be for too long, maybe just a couple of days, but I've decided that I should take a leaf out of Riverfox237's book and take a break from non-essential internet. The only things I will be logging on for will be for checking for important e-mails or keeping an eye on all my current e-bay transactions.

I've been spending too much time on the net lately so I feel this is for the best.

In the meantime, feel free to continue to e-mail or comment, and I'll catch up with it when I get back.

Finally, Riverfox237, I got your e-mail with the pictures ^-^ They're all great and I promise I'll finish replying to it as soon as I get back.

Hopefully this'll give me a chance to finish/start some long awaited artwork!

Precious internet...

Curse you shops!

It was my Dad's birthday today, so him, Mum, Me and Scinfaxi went to Great Yarmouth... Yarmouth has cool shops...

We got there about lunchtime so before we did anything else, we had lunch! Mum got a bit stroppy with one of the staff - no clue why - but other than that it was nice.

After that we started walking along toward the shops. In one of the first shops we went to, Scinfaxi got stuck looking at a die-cast model of a B-2 Stealth Bomber, and was um-ing an ah-ing over whether or not to get it. At the end of the day, a die-cast model like that for £5.99 is a bargain, so he got it (with a bit of encouragement, mind!)
I've got to admit though, I was surprised to find such a bargain in that shop! Iirc, last time I went in there they were selling NER Zoids for an extortionate price! They had added about 6 or 7 pounds to the RRP! Seriously! They were more expensive than Hamley's toys and Hamley's is renowned for being expensive! At that point Zoids were starting to die out so it was completely uncalled for when just up the road Woolworths were selling the same exact kits for RRP plus they were doing buy one get one free! Ah well, never mind!

Next shop we went into was one called The Outer Limits. It was one of those kinds of shops that stocks a load of sci-fi stuff which is cool. I ended up getting a Advents Children Cloud figure.

I was only going to get just the Cloud one, but then I saw Sephiroth too and know how much Scinfaxi likes Sephiroth, so I got him too. Really I wanted Kadaj but Play Arts don't seem to have made one T_T
(And before anyone asks, yes that is a small gold RC Dalek... his name's Derek! More on that later! Oh, and just in case anybody's wondering about the Ash tray, I'm not the one that smokes and neither is Scinfaxi! I have bad blood circulation, so it's not a good idea... Well, it ain't a good idea to smoke anyway ^_^')

Anyway, after that we went in a few more shops. Scinfaxi got a fluffy stuffed kitten for his Mum, and we spent a good while just staring in awe at all the swords and daggers on sale at Martyns! We only came to our senses when Mum phoned telling me that her and Dad were about to turn around and go back to the car, so we hastened up a bit!

Next we found a clothing shop and this really cool jacket, which was actually a bit out of my budget, so I shouldn't have got it, but I've been eying up that particular design every time I went to Camden Market but the Market never had it in my size, and this shop did! Who am I to throw away a chance like that huh?

After that we visited a bookstall, then went on to Woolworths, which is where I picked up Derek the Dalek. The running joke with Derek is that, Scinfaxi does voice acting for a audio show known as Scratchwood. It's an online thing which revolves around a station known as Scratchwood that still runs steam trains. It's just a fun hobby thing, but it also incorporates a lot of Doctor Who, Torchwood and War of the Worlds. It even had a Life on Mars related episode. The Security guard of Scratchwood station is a gold Dalek named Derek, who's catchphrase is "YOU RA-CIST BAS-TARD!" whenever anybody makes a comparision between him and a Pepper shaker!
Anyway, me and Scin have always said we should get an RC Gold Dalek and rewire it to say Derek's catchphrase. Rewiring may be a little tricky for us, but it's still a fun toy! We've been driving the pets crazy with him, and taken videos of the results, which I will post when I've done editing them ^-^

Oh, and I've finally relented and bought a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2 for the PS2 *Glares at Riverfox237*Your fault!! I also blame Scinfaxi because he was the one who shoved it under my nose!

Anyway, having decide we should leave before we get up to our eyeballs in debt, we started back to the car. We fully expected my parents to be back there, tapping their watches and asking where we had got to! Oddly enough, there was no-one at the car when we got there, and Mum was just as shocked as we were that we'd got there first! Somewhere along the line we'd overtaken them and nobody knew about it!

All in all, a good day out ^-^

Confused by my entry title? Clicky here! (iz funny! Seriously, I haven't laughed so much since I watched AMV Hell 3!)

Here's an interesting photo I took the other day:

Now, I dunno about you, but I'd be more worried about what's in the bag!
This is the ornamental hunting knife Mum and Dad bought me for my birthday. It's a beauty and the hilt is carved into the shape of a dragon skeleton!

Also, I found this video laying around in my hard drive, and can't believe it's taken me so long to post it! And just think, if Scinfaxi hadn't pressed the wrong button on my camera at the right time we'd never have caught it!


Me and my pritty kitty

I finally managed to have Scinfaxi take a photo of me holding my favourite cat, Myrrdin Emrys:

I tried to call Myrrdin indoors but he decided to merely trill at me and stay put. So I had to pick him up and carry him in! That's when I decided it was a good opportunity to get a photo.
Like always, I came out looking bad in the photo, but it's a good picture of Myrrdin nonetheless!



Doctor Who David Tennant

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